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Discover what a fulfilling life looks like for you

I help filmmakers and creative professionals in overcoming the paralysis of overwhelm and depression in order to experience joy and create meaningful lives.

I imagine you’re suffering right now. Unable to breathe, feeling like you’re failing, overwhelmed with everything you have to do. You’re a perfectionist and you can’t seem to ever get it right. You see your potential, but you find yourself void of joy, spiraling out of control and unable to keep up with life’s demands. You no longer feel like yourself, numb to the creative parts of yourself that energize and give you life.


I know what it is like to feel like you’re drowning and I want to work with you. 


I would like to help you explore some of the unconscious beliefs that may be contributing to your current difficulties. I think it is important to understand your past experiences and the narratives that may have been created as a result that may be impacting you. Through insight and self-awareness, we can work on your underlying anxiety and depression and create a life that is more satisfying and meaningful. 


I offer an environment that is curious, collaborative, warm, and fun (when appropriate). I received my B.A. in Film and Television from UCLA and my M.S. in Marital and Family Therapy from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. My experience in these two fields shapes my identity and allows me to approach therapy in a creative and experiential manner.


Reach out to me today and we can talk about how to create a better life for you.


Sarah Rafik Botrus, LMFT

License Marriage and Family Therapist, 133076


What kinds of problems do you work with?

I help filmmakers and creative professionals to work through the paralysis of overwhelm and depression in order to experience joy and create a life full of meaning.


How much do sessions cost?

My fee is $165/session. I offer superbills for out-of-network insurance reimbursement. Call today with any questions about fees or insurance. 


What do you like about being a therapist?

I enjoy being able to sit across from someone in a room, listen to their story, and let them know I see them. There is a great satisfaction that comes from witnessing clients grow, change, and overcome their challenges. Every client is unique and I appreciate being curious with a client, as each session presents new challenges and insights.


My Philosophy

I believe that therapy is an impactful relationship between client and therapist. I hope to establish a close and trustworthy relationship with a client, providing a safe and nonjudgmental environment in which to explore challenging emotions and experiences.


I approach my work with the belief that our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are largely influenced by unconscious thoughts and early childhood experiences. Our goal is to bring these unconscious conflicts and behavior patterns into the therapeutic space and work through them to create long-lasting change.


I hope to support clients in becoming more self-aware and gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, leading to greater emotional growth and improved relationships.

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